Investment Management in River Oaks, Texas

At CORDA Investment Management, LLC, we are proud to provide investment management services to more than 1,000 families across the country from our three Texas locations. Those living in River Oaks are encouraged to contact our nearby Houston location at (281) 407-1531 to schedule an initial appointment.

We strongly believe that investing is vital to protecting and growing your wealth. Whether you have an extensive portfolio or are new to investment, we will provide you with fiscally responsible, personalized, easy to understand investment management services.

Financial Blueprint

The first step is to sit down and get to know you. We seek to understand your current and projected future financial picture, along with your long-term and short-term needs, goals, and desires. We will then compile everything we learned into an individualized financial blueprint to help you meet your goals through retirement and beyond.

Contrarian Value Investing

At CORDA, we follow the contrarian investment approach pioneered by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. We invest in stable, solid companies that have fallen out of favor with Wall Street and are temporarily trading at a discount.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients. As a fee-only firm, we do not take commissions on any products we sell or recommend. We take our oath to you quite seriously, and we follow a serious-minded, long-term, disciplined approach to growing your wealth.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Services

Besides investment management, we also provide a complete line of wealth management services, including:

Expertise and Teamwork

Many of our highly experienced, hand-picked advisors hold the Accredited Investment Fiduciary credential. Our advisors work together as needed to ensure that each client receives the best possible recommendations and guidance to fit his or her unique needs and goals.

If you are in River Oaks, and are ready to start investing with a firm you can trust, call CORDA today at (281) 407-1531 to schedule your initial consultation.