CORDA Investment Management Named to the 2020 Top Firms in Texas List

September 15, 2020—Houston, TX—During the last several months, many Americans have faced financial uncertainty. However, for those looking for financial guidance, how do they know who they can trust with their hard-earned money?

That’s where comes in.

A consumer advocacy project with the mission of serving Americans as a trusted resource for researching and comparing financial advisors, analyzes 28 million data points from 690,000 financial professionals and 16,000 firms across the country on a monthly basis to determine which firms can be trusted and which ones have red flags consumers should know about.

“Our goal at is to make it easy for Americans to find a firm and advisor they

Certified Financial Planner (CFP): What This Certification Means

When you need help managing your money, then you turn to a financial advisor, such as a Certified Financial Planner. CFPs are highly trained and certified in various forms of money and investment management. Financial planners that hold CFP certifications are well prepared to help you navigate a variety of financial situations, from planning for retirement to answering some tax questions. Here is what you need to know about Certified Financial Planners.

Retirement Planning for Millennials

For many millennials, retirement is an idea that seems too far away. With the rising costs of living and stagnant wages, it can seem impossible to plan for the future when the present is so expensive. Unfortunately, even the youngest millennials need to start planning for their retirement as soon as they can to have the most comfortable future. Here are some retirement planning tips for millennials to start the process.

How to Leverage Your Wealth to Start a Business

Owning a successful business can provide your family with a new revenue stream that they can depend on for years to come. Often, the process of first starting a business is the most expensive and risky part. Finding the money to start your business can be more difficult if you don’t have investors, partners, or venture capital to use to fund your business. Here are several ways that you can leverage your personal wealth to start a business without much outside help.

What Actual Retirees Want You to Know About Retirement Planning

For many young to middle-aged Americans, retirement seems far away. With so many pressing priorities, such as paying off debt and college education costs, too many people put off saving money for retirement. We talked to actual retirees about their experience in retirement and what they wish they knew when they were younger. Here are some of the most common things retirees want you to know so you can have the best retirement possible.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management can be loosely defined as a consultative service designed to help clients protect and grow their net worth. A good wealth manager is familiar with the full range of financial services products available on the market, and is able to tailor his or her recommendations to each client’s existing and projected financial picture, needs, and goals.

Why Financial Advice Apps Aren’t Enough

As a way to save money or start investing for the first time, some people have opted to use financial advice apps on their smartphone or tablet instead of working with a professional financial advisor. While a financial advice app can be a good supplementary advice, it can’t replace the value of working with a professional and experienced financial advisor. Here are some of the ways that a financial advice app fails to live up to the real thing.

Financial Planning for Young Adults

Financial planning services are important for young adults, whether they plan on going to college or entering the workforce for the first time. From knowing how much to contribute to your employer matched 401(k) to determining the right amount of money to save for a down payment on a house or car, financial planning services can help young adults have bright financial futures. Here are some of the ways that financial planning can help.

4 Life Events Financial Advisors Help With

There are certain times in your life when you’re more likely to reach out to a financial advisor. However, it’s beneficial to have a financial advisor to help you no matter which phase of life you’re in. Here are four life events your financial advisor can help you with.

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