My love for investing began at the age of 10 when my father bought me some shares of stock in Disney. I’d watch the stock price rise and fall in the daily newspaper and feel the thrill as my very own investment increased in worth. I knew then that I would have a career in the financial industry.

I whole-heartedly believe life mimics the capital markets and building a portfolio that can withstand the occasional speed bump or two will ultimately lead to success. I also find that dividends (and dividend growth) are the necessary oxygen to a portfolio, and capital appreciation will occur if quality businesses are purchased at the right price.

I apply these beliefs in my career as a Lead Portfolio Manager, overseeing a research and trading team. There’s nothing better than seeking to uncover exceptional investment opportunities, developing strong relationships, and delivering peace of mind in good markets and bad.

Proud Career Moments Include:

  • Helping an apprehensive new widow who arrived in tears transform into a confident investor with a substantially larger collection of assets.
  • Working with a couple in real time as they fell victim to a caretaker attempting to steal their savings upon the wife’s death, and helping lead the perpetrator to prosecution.
  • Sharing my knowledge and expertise on Bloomberg and Forbes radio as well as in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, CNBC, and

When I’m not busy with investments, I put my copywriting and web-marketing skills to work whenever possible. Away from the office, I travel the world cycling and long-distance running. I am also an avid music lover, having once played the drums in a rock band. My two children are growing up fast – one a teenager and the other a young adult; but they keep me grounded – and we have been able to grow together and have lots of laughs (and tears) and fun along the way.