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Come on Block the Noise

All assets fluctuate in price. The problem is most people want to time the fluctuations and seek to adroitly maneuver out of assets like stocks and bonds at the top (and bottoms) and end up doing more harm than good. I’d like to give you another perspective on assets, investing, and the capital markets. 

Focus on cash-flow. 

The Most Successful Investments Have Two Things in Common

The other day I came across an article that struck me in such a profound way, I thought it would be meaningful to share with those who happen to visit our website on occasion. It’s a tale about big life-altering gains that can materialize if you are patient. The writing here is spectacular and I thank the good people at the Daily Reckoning site for sharing with us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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What the financial news doesn’t tell you!

The financial news is fixated solely on price action when it comes to stock or equity ownership in a business.  What did the price do relative to how it was priced yesterday, last year, etc.?  What they don’t tell you and what many wealthy families know is Dividend Growth and Dividend Income can be even more important.

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