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An investment advisory firm with a fiduciary promise to our clients. Our independence allows us to be fully transparent.




Investment Philosophy

We are Value Investors. We seek to purchase businesses trading at a discount to intrinsic value. This is a time tested approach set forth originally by Benjamin Graham and implemented by others such as Warren Buffett.

We don’t follow the herd. As contrarian minded investors, we are attracted to companies we believe are temporarily priced at a discount because they have fallen out of favor with Wall Street and the investing public.

Our mindset is one of a business owner. We look for our investments to appreciate over time and provide steady dividends and cash flow along the way.

How We invest

Focused: concentrating on our best ideas
Patient: being investors, not traders
Opportunistic: having no mandate to remain fully invested
Fundamental Approach: looking for high quality and strong balance sheets
Go Anywhere: investing across all sectors, geographies and market caps
Individual Securities:
owning businesses, not investment products
Absolute Value: seeking genuine bargains
Cash Flow: selecting businesses that pay sustainable dividends
Rising Income Streams: preferring businesses with a history of increasing dividends
Fiduciary Responsibility: putting our clients’ interests first
Tax Efficient: minimizing the impact of taxes through our investment strategy

financial blueprint

• When can I retire?

• Do we have enough to retire now?

• Now that we are retired, will we outlive our money?

• Does my current portfolio meet my objectives?

• How should I invest?

Most families come to us with these questions. At CORDA, you will work with a team that specializes in answering them and receive a blueprint for retirement.

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