Columbia Graduate School of Business professor Joel Greenblatt makes a key point:

“Prices fluctuate more than values—so therein lies opportunity. Why do the prices fluctuate so widely when values can’t possibly? I will tell you the answer I have come up with: The answer is I don’t know and I don’t care. We could waste a lot of time about psychology but it always happens and it continues to happen. I just want to take advantage of it. We could sit there and figure it all out, but I like to keep it simple. It happens; it continues to happen; the opportunities are there.”

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Low Interest Rates – Refinance?

If you own a home you may consider refinancing your mortgage:

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage followed Treasury yields lower, falling 7 basis points to 3.41% this week, according to Freddie Mac. Last week the fixed-rate averaged 3.48%, and a year ago it was at 4.04%. “Continuing fallout from the Brexit vote drove Treasury yields lower again this week,” said Sean Becketti, chief economist at Freddie Mac.

So if you’ve been considering a mortgage refinance, now’s the time.

Homeowners who have rate higher than 4.5% on a 30-year mortgage (those 4.5% loans were common up to 2011, says Gumbinger) would benefit from refinancing if they have excellent credit.

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We Always Have

If you are a “planning geek” such as myself, you have probably been reading the latest news about the Department of Labor’s new rule regarding giving advice on retirement assets.

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CORDA New Team Member!

CORDA is pleased to announce Dustin Slater has joined the team. Dustin is a 2004 graduate of the University of Texas and earned an MBA at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University in 2012.

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Typical length of a bear market

We recently spotted a very good piece on the typical length of a bear market. Mark Hulbert wrote a very descriptive article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week – http://www.wsj.com/articles/bear-markets-can-be-shorter-than-you-think-1457321010 – where he shared research showing the typical bear market recovery happens on average, in 3.1 years. That means it only takes ~3 years for stocks to recover to where they were before the bear market started in the first place.

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Back to the 80’s with Cheap Gasoline

Joanna and I were on the golf course this weekend talking about how much we pay for gasoline these days. Exciting life we live. I had mentioned I recently saw regular unleaded at $1.27.  I further mentioned seeing gasoline prices hit under 1 dollar back when I was in high school in the mid to late 80’s and how adults said “You will never see this again”. As it turns out, gasoline prices spent most of the next 15 years fluctuating between $1.20 and $1.50.

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Super Bowl 50

With Super Bowl 50 approaching, this weekend is arguably the greatest sporting event in the world. Even the most casual of sports fan typically tune in. So much ‘noise’ around the game; who is playing the halftime show? Who will score first? Who will Cam give the ball too? Maybe that conversation turns to “what does so-in-so make?”

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When Did Panic Selling Become a Strategy?

Investors: Keep your itchy finger off the trigger
What followed the 2008 mass exodus from stock funds? A five-year, cumulative 8.6 percent return for the S&P 500.

How about that 550-point intraday dive last week in the Dow! Did that finally get you to sell?

Or was it one of the many headlines about the trillions of dollars that have been wiped out of the stock market in the worst start for the Dow in history — since 1897! And worst start for the S&P 500 since the Great Depression began in 1929.

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Common Questions

Likely the most commonly asked question by prospective clients (and new clients) is “what makes you (CORDA) different?”  There are many answers to this question, but one of the most important and simple ones is how we are registered.

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