6 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

If you have a high net worth, you probably already know how critical it is to have a fully realized financial plan that you revisit regularly. Yet high net worth individuals are not immune to common wealth management mistakes. Because your portfolio is likely complex, it can be confusing, and you stand to lose quite a lot if you miss certain key factors. Some of the most common mistakes that high net worth people tend to make are in the areas of estate planning.

Wealth Management for $1 Million: Choosing the Right Advisor

If you have made your first million dollars, congratulations! They say the second million is a lot easier to earn. But for now, you have probably come to realize that your money can no longer simply live in a bank. To make the most of it, you will need to enter the frightening world of wealth management. Fortunately, a good wealth management advisor can put you on the road to success, creating a diverse portfolio and trading as needed to maximize your investment. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right advisor for you.

Wealth Management Advice for Dentists

Dentists who choose to go into private practice need to think like business owners. In addition to keeping up with the latest techniques, technologies, and best practices regarding dentistry, you also need to grow and protect your business. Wealth management becomes extraordinarily important so that you can provide for your family both now and in your retirement years. Here is some practical wealth management advice for dentists.

Wealth Management for Corporate Executives: What You Need to Know

As a corporate executive, you operate in a world that’s largely unstable. One wrong decision and the board of directors can decide that they’d like to go in a different direction and terminate your contract. You need to be able to protect your wealth in a way that secures it for your future and helps you grow your assets. There are also unique financial considerations that corporate executives must think about. Here are some key wealth management tips for corporate executives.

Wealth Management 101 for Physicians

There are few professions that lead to the financial complexity that physicians face. On one hand, you’re likely making more money than a lot of other people. You also face a unique level of liability and debt. To successfully manage your wealth, you need wealth management strategies that work for physicians. Here are some tips that you can consider.

Wealth Management Advice for Professional Athletes

On top of managing performance, a public image and your career, as a professional athlete, you need to successfully manage the wealth that you generate. Often, you’ll make more money each year until you peak your income before retirement. Use this wealth management advice for professional athletes to form a successful strategy that can help you remain financially secure well into the future.

Wealth Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are in a unique financial position. When things are going well, you can feel financially secure, with enough revenue coming into your businesses to enable you to invest in new ideas and projects. When money is tight, it can be tempting to draw money out of a savings or retirement account to tide you over. Entrepreneurs need a different kind of wealth management strategy that accounts for their level of income variability and risk. Here are some wealth management tips for entrepreneurs.

3 Ways to Help Others AND Lower Your Taxes

With the recent weather events of Harvey and Irma, it’s become much more evident that we all need a helping hand at times. Most people do not donate to charitable causes purely for the tax break, but if the government gives you a break, you might as well take advantage of it. Here are three tax efficient strategies to help others:

The Great 2017 Peanut Butter Taste Test Challenge

A while ago, Coca Cola (symbol KO) announced they were replacing Coke Zero with Coke Zero Sugar. This did not sit well with CORDA’s resident Coke Zero aficionado Craig Fowlkes, who insisted he could tell the difference between the two. Low and behold, we put him to the test, and he correctly picked Coke Zero Over Coke Zero Sugar.

When the intellectual subject of peanut butter came up, Craig mentioned he felt JIF was the best brand, and he could tell the difference just by the taste. We were all impressed, but needed proof, so we set up the peanut butter challenge.

Wealth Management 101 for Business Owners

Business owners have unique needs when it comes to growing and managing their wealth. If you own a company, it is important to think through how your business will move, grow, and adapt in the future. Protecting the business should be a key component in your overall wealth management strategy, along with ensuring that you and your family are comfortably provided for both now and into your retirement years. Here is what you should know.