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At CORDA, we pride ourselves on owning businesses that are committed to sustainability, good corporate citizenship, and have a positive impact on their communities and stakeholders. It is no longer necessary to give up results, in order to invest in companies that are doing the right thing. Responsible business is good business. Consumers and shareholders are holding companies to a higher standard and the companies making a positive impact on society and the environment are many times also the most profitable.

Reducing energy use and greenhouse gases not only addresses environmental issues, but also reduces the company’s energy costs. Addressing plastic waste is not only good for our oceans, but also reduces packaging costs and increases consumer interest. Diversity and fair pay practices in the workplace are not just about giving everyone an equal chance, but are proven to produce better results. A well-maintained workplace and well monitored supply chain not only promotes safety, it reduces business risk.

CORDA seeks to perform ESG Analysis to find companies that have a positive impact on the world, while reducing risk in your portfolio. Click here to read more about CORDA’s ESG Analysis.

  • Does the company have greenhouse gas, energy consumption, and/or carbon emissions reduction targets? What are those targets and how successful has the company been in working towards them?
  • Does the company monitor water usage and have targets to reduce wasteful water use? How successful has the company been in reducing water use?
  • Is the company working towards reduction in landfill waste/plastics waste? What are their targets and how successful has the company been in working towards those targets?
  • Does the company have controls to prevent toxic waste from being released into the environment? How successful have those controls been?
  • Is the company working towards sustainable methods of extracting/growing/producing raw input materials? How successful have these methods been?
  • Does the company employ a diverse workforce with equitable pay regardless of gender/race? If not, does the company have a plan to become more diverse and equitable? How successful has this plan been?
  • What policies and programs does the company employ to educate, train, and promote wellbeing within its workforce?
  • What protocols does the company take to ensure worker safety? How successful have these safety standards been in protecting workers?
  • What benefits do the company’s products provide to society?
  • If necessary, what steps does the company do to promote safe and responsible use of its products?
  • Does the company monitor its supply chain for safe working conditions, fair pay, and quality production? Does the company work to improve these conditions within the supply chain and sever ties with those that fail to meet standards?
  • What actions and initiatives does the company take to improve the communities where it operates and the markets it serves?
  • Is the Board of Directors composed of, at minimum, a majority of Independent Directors?
  • Are the Board of Directors and Executive Committee diverse and do they include women?
  • What are the committees sponsored by the Board of Directors and do they properly address the business’ needs?
  • How does executive compensation align with shareholder interests?
  • Does the company have strong Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policies?
  • How does the company interact with shareholders?
  • Is the company’s financial and sustainability reporting thorough and transparent?
  • Who is auditing the companies financial and sustainability reports?

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