When it comes to choosing a financial advisor, two firms might seem the same on paper. Perhaps both financial advisors hold similar credentials or claim to have the same perspective on investing. However, choosing the right financial advisor consists of more than just identifying their credentials. You should find someone that has the right personality to be a good financial advisor. Here are some traits to look for.


Money is an important aspect of your family’s success. You need a financial advisor that you can trust with this crucial asset so that you feel comfortable that your money is protected. Look for integrity in all of your interactions with a new financial advisor. Does he or she return your phone calls in a timely manner? Does he or she follow-through on promises? These early signs can serve as a signal to the financial advisor’s integrity.


Patience is a critical trait to look out for in a prospective financial advisor. You want a financial advisor who will have patience with your investments and not immediately sell them at a loss when the market looks bleak. Patience helps to develop a long term view of the financial markets instead of reacting to every market change. You also want someone who will be patient with you as a client and not make you feel rushed.

Easy to Understand

The best financial advisors are educators that teach clients about better financial management. Some firms take over the process entirely for you, but that won’t help you in the long run. You want to work with a financial advisor who is easy to understand and will educate you about how to improve your financial situation, whether you are planning for retirement or investing in your child’s education.


You don’t want to be a financial advisor’s first client. You want to work with someone with experience helping clients in similar circumstances to your own. Be cautious of choosing a financial advisor with little experience or working with a new firm. Your family deserves to work with a highly experienced financial advisor that you can be comfortable with.


While a finance degree matters, it’s equally important to find a financial advisor who believes in continuing education. Things change frequently, and you’ll want a financial advisor that keeps current on financial best practices and changing regulations to ensure everything’s compliant. This may include conference attendance, new certifications, and industry trainings.

If you find a financial advisor with these traits at a reputable firm, there’s a good chance you’ve made the right choice. Integrity, experience, education, and patience are important traits for most professionals, especially those that manage your money.

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