There are certain times in your life when you’re more likely to reach out to a financial advisor. However, it’s beneficial to have a financial advisor to help you no matter which phase of life you’re in. Here are four life events your financial advisor can help you with.


Getting married? Marriage is a significant life event that can impact your priorities. Most couples end up combining their finances, which can bring its own challenges. You may decide that you need to change beneficiaries on your retirement accounts, buy life insurance, or make other investments. Meeting with a financial advisor can help put your family’s finances on the right track from the start.


Many families start working with a financial advisor after they have children, whether they want to start a college education fund or to find ways to protect their family’s finances no matter what happens. You’ll want to meet with a financial advisor as early as possible. When it comes to sending your kids to college, the earlier you start saving, the more money you’ll have to help pay for expenses.

Aside from saving for college, meeting with a financial advisor before you start having children has other advantages. The actual childbirth process, especially at a hospital, can be expensive. A financial advisor can help you find ways to fit these expenses into your budget.


Some people first meet with a financial advisor when they near retirement. However, it would be much more beneficial to discuss retirement with a professional financial advisor now, while you still have time to save for retirement and enjoy more compounding interest. No matter how close to retirement you currently are, a financial advisor can help you to prepare for this important life event.


Nobody wants to talk about it, but death is a natural part of life. Working with a financial advisor can simplify the process by making sure that your final expenses are taken care of and that your financial affairs are in order. Your financial advisor can also make recommendations for attorneys that specialize in estate law.

Over the course of your life, there will be plenty of exciting and challenging events that you’ll face. Having a trustworthy financial advisor on your side can make these transitions go more smoothly, with less stress. No matter what your current financial situation is, it makes sense to go ahead and find a great financial advisor to help you along the way.

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