Financial advisors are not just for the ultra wealthy. Financial advisors can help everyday families in numerous ways, from saving for retirement to general financial advice. Here are some of the ways that a trusted financial advisor can help with your family finances.


A good financial advisor not only advises you to make smart money decisions, he teaches you how and why these actions will help. You don’t want a financial advisor who acts only as an investment broker who makes decisions without your input. Instead, a good financial advisor will educate you about your family finances, the market, and best practices.

Estate Planning

One of the most underappreciated roles of a financial advisor is as an estate planner. However, if you have a family or own things, you need to have your estate in order in the event that you pass. While a financial advisor may not be able to draw up a will, he or she can guide you in terms of what documents you need, put you in contact with the right professionals who can help, and ensure that you have an investment strategy that will keep your family well taken care of.

Planning for College

If you have children, or plan to have children in the future, you should have a plan in place to help pay for college expenses. Even if you cannot pay for all expenses at a private school, having a financial strategy that accounts for college expenses is smart. Your financial advisor can help you calculate savings goals and develop monthly savings strategies that will help you achieve these goals.


Retirement is an important part of your family’s future finances. Some people correctly point out that while your kids could take out a loan for school, there aren’t any retirement loans for you to use when it comes time to stop working. Your financial advisor can help you to come up with a realistic plan and a percentage of income to save for retirement. You might end up being surprised by how much money you actually need to save.


Managing your family’s finances can be tough. You’ll likely have to make some difficult decisions, such as deciding on how to invest your retirement funds, whether you can afford to go on a vacation, and how to deal with unexpected medical expenses. Having an established relationship with a financial advisor means that you have access to the support you need.

As you can see, financial advisors play an important role in family finances. Whether you’re just getting started with a financial advisor or you feel your current financial advisor could do better in one of these areas, contact CORDA Management today to discuss your family’s unique financial situation.

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