A while ago, Coca Cola (symbol KO) announced they were replacing Coke Zero with Coke Zero Sugar. This did not sit well with CORDA’s resident Coke Zero aficionado Craig Fowlkes, who insisted he could tell the difference between the two. Low and behold, we put him to the test, and he correctly picked Coke Zero Over Coke Zero Sugar.

When the intellectual subject of peanut butter came up, Craig mentioned he felt JIF was the best brand, and he could tell the difference just by the taste. We were all impressed, but needed proof, so we set up the peanut butter challenge.

The rules:

  1. Only name brands to be tasted (JIF, Skippy, Peter Pan)
  2. Crunchy, not smooth
  3. While others could use bread or crackers, Craig could not
  4. Craig would be allowed to cleanse his palate with, what else, Coke Zero
  5. Each spoonful would be uniform in the agreed to amount
  6. No double dipping

With almost the entire team as witnesses, Craig, Jamie O’Neill, Terry Mendoza, and Brian Raupp took the challenge. Each contestant wrote their secret ballot down with the following votes:

Tray 1 – Jamie and Brian
Tray 2 – Terry
Tray 3 – Craig

You could cut the suspense with a knife, but the results were astonishing. The winner to pick JIF was….Terry! Craig picked tray 3, which was Peter Pan.

We thank all four participants, and awarded Craig with the consolation prize of the jar of Peter Pan, his new favorite.

JIF – made by the J.M. Smucker Company

Skippy – made by Hormel Foods

Peter Pan – made by ConAgra Foods