Harvey Was a Wallbanger and So Much More

Our hearts ache for Houston this evening. U.S. Coast Guard helicopters buzzed the skies over Houston today, 12,000 Texas National Guard troops were deployed across the Gulf and thousands of rescues took place here in the metro area. Some were even supported by Louisiana’s Cajun Navy and simply plain old regular joe citizens like you and me. We are simultaneously humbled by mother nature yet so darn proud of the efforts by so many people here in the great state of Texas.

Top Selling Bottled Water Businesses and How Come It’s Hard to Find along the Texas Gulf Coast Right Now?!

As Hurricane Harvey heads towards Texas, we are reminded as to why the bottled water business is such a good business to be in. The human body can survive for about three days without water. Knowing that the balance of life and death rests with water, you would expect there to be some substantial returns to be had in that type of business.

Compliance Day at CORDA

CORDA Investment Management hosted a Compliance Day yesterday and was treated to a handful of breakout sessions led by Alan Foxman, a senior consultant from the Delray Beach, FL office of National Compliance Services. Alan addressed topics that included fiduciary duties of an RIA, cybersecurity, disclosure requirements, custody, and ethics. The entire CORDA team participated in the day-long event with additional discussions around what typical market corrections looks like, the dramatic under performance of international benchmarks relative to U.S. indexes over the past ten years, where investors could find pockets of value and opportunity in the current market environment, and the rapidly changing disruptions taking place in the oil, gas, and

Come on Block the Noise

All assets fluctuate in price. The problem is most people want to time the fluctuations and seek to adroitly maneuver out of assets like stocks and bonds at the top (and bottoms) and end up doing more harm than good. I’d like to give you another perspective on assets, investing, and the capital markets. 

Focus on cash-flow. 

Key Trends in Investment Management for 2017

Having a professional manage your investments is an important part of profiting the most from your capital and securing your financial future. While some investment strategies have been considered best practices for decades, there are certain trends that arise from time to time in the ever-changing political and economic climate. Here are some of the key investment management trends that have impacted 2017 so far, and what you can expect going forward.