Year-end Planning

As I continue to work with families and advise them with their year-end planning I have come across some common questions regarding required distributions from qualified accounts.

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George Costanza… simply doing the opposite

The sitcom Seinfeld is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV’s shows of all time. In one of my favorite episodes, George Costanza (a lovable character but often plagued by ill-timed decisions and hair brained ideas) decides he will try to reverse his fortunes by doing (and saying) the exact opposite of what his ‘normal’ thought process would be.

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10 Favorite Stocks for 2016

This weekend’s Barron cover story has some interesting facts about their Top 10 Stock Picks for 2015 and the resulting performance. The article is below for your enjoyment. Note how much the growth part of the market is out-performing the value segment this year. Also, the average loss on their best ideas list was about 6% thus far year to date. The key takeaway in our opinion is just how much the averages are being pushed by a handful of momentum stocks while the rest of the market lags. That is hard to sustain, and in our view, there will be a period of outperformance ahead for the so-called “penny