How do you keep up with the news? Is it FOX, Twitter, CNBC, ESPN, NPR, Facebook, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Instagram, BuzzFeed, Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.? Depending on where you are, at the airport, at home, in your car, in a restaurant or store, the news is available non- stop and your choice is among a global variety of providers. I am fascinated by that. My next door neighbor and I text in Dutch and English and believe me, I am not fluent in Dutch, but I can correspond.

My point – there are fantastic, almost infinite, opportunities to hear the news, be in the news, and even make news –puppies?! cats?! politics, disasters, fashion, nature, sports – which expert correspondent do you choose to follow?

The bold headline does not say that the market is flat this year. However, that is the point of the article that followed it. We all continue to tune in to hear the rest of the story and that is the purpose of marketing, to keep us returning for more. Our heads whip from side to side for the latest – faster than Serena can serve the tennis ball or Google can find the latest royal baby. I seek resources I can trust to continue to propel me toward meaningful growth.

Reliable and thoughtful analysis and advice comes from focus, sifting through and distilling the moment by moment, repetitive views down to the meaningful few. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the mass distractions of the media. We all love the sizzle and the sexy, but with my money, the CORDA investment strategy focuses beyond the horizon of today’s news, and that is what helps me sleep well at night. Oh yeah, right now there’s a death-cross pattern financial story going across my screen, an omen that appeared on the market yesterday – shall I react or take a break from the news for awhile? I will ignore the hype and check back in tomorrow, confident in my choice.