Last night, my wife went to Kroger for some bread.  Though the news here in Houston has been almost exclusively about the coming of Tropical Storm Bill, what she observed was quite interesting and unexpected.  All the bread was gone to her surprise!  The store, which was usually very organized, looked like it had been ransacked! It got me thinking; what else was missing from the shelves?

I asked if she noticed any other empty shelves.  She listed off some other items that were completely sold out.  As she was talking, I started to think about how it relates to the companies we own.

Water, sodas, sport drinks, beverages, beer, etc. Many of the shelves devoid of toiletries, headache medicine, household products. I’m sure the stalwart planners (my wife is so much better at this than me!) are making sure prescription medicines and other healthcare related items were stocked up, not to mention making sure there is plenty of gas in the car.

When the stuff hits the fan, so to speak, the first thought is about their families’ well-being and their immediate needs, not on price or frivolity.  My point is, they/we need to realize that is the way to invest, as if catastrophe is looming, what do people reach for!  As John Schloegel commented, “what will consumers spend their last dollar on?” It’s not electric cars, the latest online company, or the newest techie watch!

This is a real world example of what Corda does every day, get all our clients into substantial and high quality companies.

-Samy Porrata-Doria