Investing for the future

Let’s face it; investing can be very emotional. You’ve worked hard to earn and save for retirement only for ‘the market’ to be spooked by some country whose entire GDP is less than that of our home base of Houston. Some have even likened the stock market to a casino. Let’s take a closer look to see if you find the ‘odds’ in your favor.

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What People Spend on

Last night, my wife went to Kroger for some bread.  Though the news here in Houston has been almost exclusively about the coming of Tropical Storm Bill, what she observed was quite interesting and unexpected.  All the bread was gone to her surprise!  The store, which was usually very organized, looked like it had been ransacked! It got me thinking; what else was missing from the shelves?

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What the financial news doesn’t tell you!

The financial news is fixated solely on price action when it comes to stock or equity ownership in a business.  What did the price do relative to how it was priced yesterday, last year, etc.?  What they don’t tell you and what many wealthy families know is Dividend Growth and Dividend Income can be even more important.

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