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Key Trends in Investment Management for 2017

Having a professional manage your investments is an important part of profiting the most from your capital and securing your financial future. While some investment strategies have been considered best practices for decades, there are certain trends that arise from time to time in the ever-changing political and economic climate. Here are some of the key investment management trends that have impacted 2017 so far, and what you can expect going forward.

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Markets’ Steady Climb in 2017 Defies Historic Odds

Never in the past thirty years have these major indexes – the S&P 500, MSCI Europe, and MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan –  gone a full year without falling at some point by 5%.  Is it possible we carry through the next five months and exit year end without a correction?  Click below to learn more about the uncanny market action in 2017 and how unusual it has been to go so long without a mini correction.

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How are Investment Management Fees Typically Structured?

If you are new to investing, you probably have quite a few questions. One of the most common is, “how much do I have to pay someone to manage my investments?” This can actually be more complicated than you might anticipate, because there are three main types of investment managers, and each type has a different fee structure.

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Did you know?

The FIDUCIARY Rule. Currently in the news, it has been the Standard at CORDA since we were founded. As Kim Deutsch posted on the CORDA website in April 2016, CORDA has always acted as a fiduciary in managing retirement assets, as well all non-retirement and taxable savings entrusted to us. This fiduciary rule, to keep our clients’ interests first, has been our standard at CORDA all along. As an Registered Investment Advisor, CORDA abides by the highest standard of care set by the SEC which requires we act in our clients’ best interests.


Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis

China’s 1.4 billion people are building up an appetite that is changing the way the world grows and sells food. The Chinese diet is becoming more like that of the average American, forcing companies to scour the planet for everything from bacon to bananas.

But China’s efforts to buy or lease agricultural land in developing nations show that building farms and ranches abroad won’t be enough. Ballooning populations in Asia, Africa and South America will add another 2 billion people within a generation and they too will need more food.

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A Walk in the Park

I love Memorial Park. I recently moved to a much more urban neighborhood than where I previously lived and I have rediscovered this gem! At 6:30 in the morning, there is a whole city at Memorial Park – people and dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities. On a recent morning, I saw marathon runners, an ex-Secretary of State and his wife, an elderly gentleman with a walker being encouraged by an equally elderly best friend as well as moms pushing strollers and those like me, an empty nester just trying to keep some of those unwanted pounds off. There is encouragement simply in the numbers and the diversity.

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10 Wealth Management Quotes to Guide Your Investments

Investing can be tricky, and those who are new to investing can quickly start to feel overwhelmed. At CORDA Investment Management, LLC, we follow the contrarian approach pioneered by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. This approach allows us to find solid companies with strong long-term potential that are temporarily trading at a discount. In addition, here are 10 wealth management quotes that can help guide your investing strategy.

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Earnings Growth at Odds with a Shift Towards Value Stocks?

“Our work suggests the most important determinant between growth and value performance is the scarcity or abundance of growth,” says Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Savita Subramanian. Since 1982, growth has outperformed during periods of earnings deceleration, and value has won when earnings were picking up.

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Bond Rout and the Power of Compound Interest

The bond market has been pulverized in the past few weeks and for those who have anything beyond short maturities (5 years or so) are probably facing some substantial declines in the principal.

For example,

BOND ROUT – Our nation’s 2% coupon 10-year Treasury note with a par value of $1,000 was trading for $1,093 as of the close of trading on Monday 11/07/16 (i.e., the day before the presidential election), resulting in a current yield of 1.83%. The same 2% coupon 10-year Treasury note with a par value of $1,000 was trading for $811 as of the close of trading last Friday 12/09/16, resulting in a current yield of 2.47%. Thus, the value of the 10-year Treasury note has fallen 26% in the last 5 weeks since the early November election (source: BTN Research).

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